Agnitum & PCFlanc

05.07.2002, 10:51
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#1 Hi,

kürzlich in einem anderen Forum gelesen,fand es interessant:

PC Flank and Agnitum comparsion

The very similar searching bot used for web page -
PC Flank: »[?]
Agnitum: »[?]

The very similar mailing script -
PC Flank: »[?]
Agnitum: »[?]

Pc Flank's article -

Pc Flank uses Agnitum Tauscan's Trojan database -

Pc Flank uses Agnitum Outpost's firewall rules -

Both and are registed from the same domain name service:
Although not under the same name, the phone number for both shows they are in the same area.

Back to 2 monthes ago. This person questioned about the relationship between Agnitum and Pcflank.
He got banned from the Anitum forum and eventually, his account got deleted and password got changed.
Agnitum claim they have no relationship with Pc Flank what so ever.

After Agnitum claimed that they have no relationship with Pc Flank -
Pc flank's web IP address ( was found in Agnitum's product Outpost inside the file "protect.lst".
Agnitum and then said the reason for that is Pc Flank was testing Outpost for them. And then Agnitum changed their statement from "not knowing Pc Flank at all" to "know them".

So? Well, In my personal opinion, if Agnitum is not PcFlank, then they must be in a very very close relationship.

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10.07.2002, 19:31

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#2 Das ist mal cool. Und ich habe mich immer schon gewundert, warum die in Ihrem Forum gerne mal PCFlank erwähnen und wie toll ihre (Agnitums) Produkte sind.
Hat sich mir nämlich imemr nicht erschlossen, warum Tauscan und Jammer so total die besten Produkte sind.
Echt geil. Anders ausgedrückt: die totale Verarsche!!!!!!!!! Traurig.
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