XPLizer - Windows Hardning Frontend Tool

28.04.2004, 08:45
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#1 Linked below is a policy-hardening tool for Windows. It is designed for
Windows XP, but can be also used for other Windows versions. The tool
supplies a simple GUI for some of the most common security problems in
Microsoft Windows.

The supported features include:
* Disable Remote Desktop
* Disable Port 445
* Disable *.Chm Execution - Denies all Chm exploits.
* Disable SSDP(UPNP) TCP Port 5000,UDP 1900
* Disable File Sharing
* Disable Auto Share Server
* Disable Messenger Service
* Disable Null Session
* Force Guest upon connection to any share
* Disable Sam Enumeration
* Dont Display Last UserName
(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon)
* Disable Zip Files As Folders
* Disable Multiple TSSessions
* Disable CMD

Download Information:
The sources of XPLizer can be found at
<http://theinsider.deep-ice.com/xplizer-src.zip> here.

An executable version can be found at
<http://theinsider.deep-ice.com/xplizer.zip> here.

The official readme file for XPLizer can be found at
<http://theinsider.deep-ice.com/readme.txt> here.
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