Norton Antivirus 2003 - BETA

09.07.2002, 09:38
Avatar Robert

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#1 Seit kurzem ist eine Betaversion des Virenscanners unter erhältlich. Erste Screenshots gibt es auf

Die aktuellen Änderungen:

Norton AntiVirus 2003 introduces virus protection for instant messenger attachments, Worm Blocking to protect your outgoing emails from infecting other computers, password protection for Norton AntiVirus options, and the Log Viewer with more detailed visibility into protection activities.

Instant Messenger support and options:
Norton AntiVirus supports files received by Instant Messenger programs: America Online, Yahoo! and MSN. You can choose to scan files received by one or all three programs. You can choose to automatically repair or quarantine an infected file.

Worm Blocking : Norton AntiVirus scans outgoing email attachments and alerts you before sending it. You can delete an infected file before inadvertently sending it in an email.

Password Protection: Norton AntiVirus allows you to set, change and reset a password to control your option settings.

Log Viewer: Norton AntiVirus displays activities by type of activity: Virus Alerts, Application and Error activity. You determine how many activites you want to record.

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