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01.04.2008, 15:19

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Hi All,

With a long list of bugfixes, new HTML Chat & Msgs and Mplayer-enabled...
The new RS V0.4.05a has arrived and is available for download.

This release completes all the items that I suggested where required
before V0.4 becomes 'Default Download'. So consider this an RC1...
We will bugfix, but not be adding new features for the moment.

So the major new things to check out (and test):
-HTML Chat, and Msgs. What do you like and dislike?
-Media support. Play from local Shared Folder, or completed transfers context menu.
-new toolbars which give more real estate to the mainpages!
-Notification of hashing (icon on the right), and button to hash now.
-Link Cloud now shows Friend of Friend links.

There are also a lot of bugfixes, Major ones:
- Partial Directory exit(1) - FIXED.
- Connect with V0.3.52a exit(1) - FIXED.
- Offline Messages not forwarded - FIXED.
- see SVN logs for full lists.

Please download and test, submit bugs, and enjoy!


Changes for V0.4.05a
* HTML Chat and Messages.
* emoticons, bold, italic, fonts, colors for chat
* save, print, pdf functions for messages.
* New Side Toolbar.
* Switched Link Cloud to share Friends Links.
* BUGFIX: Added Emergency Dir if existing Incoming fails.
* BUGFIX: Added notify for connection to RS V0.3.X.
* Fixed Online/Offline Message Forwarding.
* Added Check Files, and Icon to indicate Hashing State.
* Added <play> functions to Transfers + LocalSharedDirs.
* Included MPlayer in release.
* reenabled skins.
* new Multi-Language Installer.

SVN log:
Lots of bugfixes and tweaks:
* Switched p3Ranking to share Friends Links as well as own.
* Modified rankmsgs to contain source id.
* Fixed up rsNotify, added pqiNotify and global function call to get it.
* Added notify for Bad Incoming Directory
* Added Emergency Incoming directory so RS can keep running.
* Added notify for Bad Packet (connecting to V0.3.X)
* Added notify for Incomplete Packet Read (not been triggered yet!)
* added close() to BinInterface, close on pqissl calls reset()
* removed exit(1) calls from pqistreamer, replaced with bio->close().
* Increased Maximum Packet Size for HTML messages.
* Fixed Online/Offline Message Forwarding. (TEST).
* Increased DHT bootstrap buckets to 4.
* Cleaned up much of serialiser debug (was slowing down Mac)
* Added directory path to File Listings.
* added ConvertSharedFilePath() so correct local dir can be found.
* Added ForceDirectoryCheck() and InDirectoryCheck() for file hashing.
* removed old TMP cache loading.
* switched off Cache debug.

Important changes to tighten up the connection methods:
* Switched to miniupnpc-1.0
* modified miniupnpc to add lease duration.
* set lease duration to 1 Hr.
* Modified configure scripts to use miniupnpc-1.0

* added TIMEOUT to all connections (5 sec for TCP - Important!)
* reduced TCP offset delay to 2 seconds.
* BUGFIX: Added missing connect_parameter wrapper function.
* added reset to other connection methods when connection is made.
* Added Connection Type (TCP/UDP) information to feedback/GUI

* Increased default Data Rates: from 50/50 to 100/500 kB/s
* Removed Default Bootstrap Ids. (only automatic now!)
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This release should fix those freezing issues... which seemed affect quite a few people.
(Un)fortunately those isses never affected me - so I can't properly check it.

Some feedback would be nice.

Changes for V0.4.06c
* Fixed Upnp Issues.
* Various GUI/stylesheet tweaks


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18.06.2008, 09:30


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We've been working hard at improving retroshare. But most of the major improvements are not ready at this point for a new 'Development Release'. There have been a number of minor fixes for GUI issues that people have been clamouring for:
* Addition of Basic Calendar Interface (Unfinished)
* Addition of Signed Forum Groups (Unfinished).
* Improvements to Blog System (Unfinished)
* Partial Fixes for GCC4.4 compilation. Changes for V0.4.09a (STANDARD RELEASE)
* BUGFIX for Determining External Address.
* Fixed AutoLogin. * Fixed Toaster.
* Added Status Bar functionality (data rates, peers online)
* Fixed Transfer Display (data rates, file name, peer name)

Ubuntu Gutsy:
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26.11.2008, 18:27


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#4 RetroShare 0.4.11b erschienen


* Bugfixes for 'sleep' issues under windows.
* Extra debugging for transfer module.
* Fixed channel directory creation. (extra 'break' statement)
* Fixed very slow transfers on Windows platform (uninitialised variable)
* Added Mutex protection to the core comms (pqihandler + pqipersongrp).
* Added a Mutex to the ServiceServer.
* Fixed, transfer start when subscribing to channel.
* Cleaned up p3distrib callbacks.
* Added holdQueue for transfer startup in controller.
* Fixed partial resume.
* Updated Mac script to only build library.
* Fixed compatibility bug in file transfer...
* Can now communicate between V0.4.9b and V0.4.11+
* Improvements to the file transfer algorithm.
* Increased max individual file speed to 1MB/s
* Bugfixes in CreateForumMsg
* Added auto update feature to the trust matrix
* Implemented a big trust table where people can see who trusts who, and who is trusted by who.
* Added Configurations to new file transfer.
* Enabled config in p3file-startup.cc
* Enabled resumeTransfers
* Added new RsFileConfigItem to serialiser.
* Extended ftFiMonitor to use Configuration.
* Bug fix to add/remove Shared Dirs.
* Increased Channel/forum periods to 3/12 months.
* Create channels directory correctly.
* Added File Transfers to Config List.
* Connected statusChange() monitor callback.
* Fixed file sources in transfermodule.
* Fixed up transfer restarts / sleeps.
* Enabled opening files read only.
* More bugfixes for file transfer.
* Added File Transfer / ExtraList to channels.
* Fixed mutex deadlock.
* Added slow transfer for background tf.
* Added checks to FileRequest to accumulate peers.
* Added ExtraList callback
* Show Date in Network Tab using QT functions.
* Added multiple selection to the msgWidget QTreeView and setup context menu in accordance
* Added Delete key function to easily delete messages
* Enabled (and implemented) response to message
* Enabled for Uploads progess xprogressbar
* Added for Files Treeview File Typ icons
* Added for Files Treeview Folder icons
* Added Help System Dialog

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#5 RetroShare 0.4.11d



Changes for v0.4.11d

* Bugfix for launching desktop support.
* Small fix to universal script and some extra debugging.
* switched off some debugging.
* fixed tickrate slow down (when no activity)
* added extra flags to interface.
* Added NewsFeed / Popup / Chat Configuration options.
* Gui modifications to support authenticated forums.
* Added Authenticated Forums.
* add Sign / Verify functions to authxpgp
* sign/verify messages, and control flags for p3distrib/p3forums.
* add authmgr to p3distrib etc.
* added AUTH flags to rsforums interface.
* implement function for clearCompleted on filetransfer panel
* added display for author of forum posts
* suppressed uninitialized memory read.
* remove temporary file when cancel file transfer
* Bugfixes for correct Channels display.
* Corrected search in ftserver.
* Updated avail in controller FileDetails.
* Fixed Channel: SubFileItem display and play.
* added openFile function to MainWindow. (uses QtDesktopServices)
* disabled PlayAll in ChanMsgItem (as we can't do this).
* enabled play() once files downloaded.
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29.04.2009, 23:41


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#6 Changelog:


Changes for v0.4.12d

* Added partially completed authssl.cc, as we move towards openpgp authentication.
* Tweaks, and removed debug statements.
* Added missing files (extaddrfinder & p3turtle) to Makefiles.
* Turtle tunnel management. In progress.
* win32 compilation fix
* Corrected potential mutex lock problem
* Implemented turtle tunneling.
* Fixed the bug with copypasting certifcates.
* Added new icon for Notify
* Set correct icon for Deny Friend Context Menu
* Added qmovie for InDirectoryCheck
* Fixed libretroshare.pro for win32 compile
* Polished drop down menus in the network tab
* Added Feature: user can set commands fo opening shared files with some external applications. First revision.
* Added automatic slicing of search response packets so as to cope with streaming packet size requirements.
* Added NULL gard in dhtPublish()
* Added a checkbox to control the use of external servers for ip determination.
* put back Network on the left
* NetworkDialog: - set the info in columns about trust to be more explicit
* NetworkDialog: - changed dark green into light green to comply with colors in the trust matrix (it's also more readable in light green)
* NetworkDialog: - corrected trust strings that appeared in the Last Contact column
* Changed "generate certificate" in connect friends wizard into "export my certificate..." which is more appropriate
* Added missing file entry
* Corrected compilation pb + pushed news feed out of release version + put back network in left most place.
* Added server-based ip determination as a fallback to existing methods. Forced Dht publishing as soon as an external ip is known
* Replaced doquit with normal QMessageBox
* Fixed compilation fix for cygwin
* Corrected the persistency bug
* Fixed file rename by using a common rsDirUtil function
* Added Wizard for adding friends


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