RetroShare 0.5.1a erschienen

02.03.2011, 00:56

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#1 The Retroshare team has just released their long awaited 0.5.1 release.

This release brings revamped Channels and Forums, which allow discussion boards and sharing amongst the greater retroshare community. There are also been major improvements to File Transfers, the GUI has been polished up and general code stability is significantly better.

Retroshare aims to restore users privacy and rest control of your digital assets from the behemoths like facebook and google. It allows you to safely share your stuff with family and friends. All communications are sent over secure direct connections, so there is no possibility of corporate / government filtering or monitoring. Furthermore the network is fully decentralised, and so cannot be shutdown.

For the Technically Minded: Retroshare uses a PGP based Web-Of-Trust along with SSL encryption to provide a fully decentralised yet authenticated and secure network to communicate with your friends. It provides both direct file transfers and anonymous Turtle File Sharing, Instant Messaging, as well as decentralised Forums and Channels.

You can grab the latest release from Download it now, and join the Retroshare community.

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