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25.04.2010, 22:47

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    Changes for v0.5.0a

    * Bug fix: Checkbox for automatic share of the incoming directory doesn't correctly set with setDown, use setChecked
    * ShareManager and RSettingsWin doesn't need to be created all the time
    * RSettingsWin: Save the last active page for the current runtime
    * ShareManager and DirectoryPage: Show changed shared directories direct after the change
    * corrected handling of null strings in RsTlvBase::GetTlvString()
    * suppressed uninitialized memory read
    * added security check against malformed packets
    * added a security check to avoid core dump when a bad p3discReply packet is received
    * corrected other mismatched free/delete in avatar items
    * corrected mismatched free/delete in avatar items. Might have caused random crashes.
    * removed double definition of fingerprint
    * Fixed deadlock when asking for GPG passwd with gpg callback during session.
    * Added a method lockAllEvents()/unlockAllEvents() to remove timer updates in RsAutoUpdatePage
    * Updated passwd message to be more user-friendly
    * removed some warnings in
    * added commandline option '-U' to allow user to access different profile
      - in the situation where autologin is enabled
      - BUG found (or rather autologin induced it), if one asks to make friends to a
      peer (in ConfCertDialog) 'within' a session that uses autologin it freezes  
    * add the internal counter mutex lock. Move the code of the rw mutec to the file
    * fix a code bug
    * add a read / write lock and refactor authgpg with it
    * Fix a bug when adding a cert
    * Fixed new message string
    * added gpg initialization for autologin
      - your friends are not authenticated if not
    * Added support for Auto-login
      - Using rc4 to store ssl pword on file for linux,  for windows already using cryptprotect
      - yes its not safe, but its the user's choice to keep pword or not
      - consider using method closely hooked to linux kernel (another layer of obfuscation)
      - windows i believe is stronger (because its proprietary/ heavily obfuscated)
      - added checkbox in start dialog including warning (autologin not safe)
      - added check box in gen setting to disable autologin on shutdown
    * block the notify callback of authgpg when the main windows is launched


Ubuntu Lucid:

Ubuntu Karmic:

Ubuntu Jaunty:



61e0dac770b0ede52adb5cc2b680c4da76f2747e6b03ef6be2338b7077afdd853058a904a2344f2a1edf487447e2c73c61258856dea92950866eb04eab65f548  RetroShare_0.5.0a.2773_karmic_amd64.deb
2205d090e167adc80c2bbff9cd552138867bd8f0501559c7c52461f4ba2f90f72d60f703eb4a5bdef57112e0a4d58acc8909ddd0bb3b9e4d3b9479ea8cafa580  RetroShare_0.5.0a.2773_karmic_i386.deb
6bf8232bef86cf752f6923ae2f4d9810943b855a6d7877285c35c360b12a97514b6bdd3eaae46d6026e1ba93d0383e87aac1eccc793316930f3e0ac3225e0759  RetroShare_0.5.0a.2773_lucid_amd64.deb
ba326c7988c5594cf177a1ab8b6650f6c4c838514b7ea308cb45fbfaebcc14153a500d88b9da09ae0ca8e9bcf58d257067ac3e9d7fa4e2bd1d885fb0b05a42be  RetroShare_0.5.0a.2773_lucid_i386.deb
4ef1c3b4f79f4fdc77c1984c58da708743f25ed66111d143fa1555d838ab52ce6082b58716226a830376b98e32d4026080016561a703f4704fac41c9d18b789d  RetroShare_0.5.0a.2773_jaunty_amd64.deb
c4f8245531c23693e41505b14625e578a1c2ff1026d48e8d3f1f7dfb44663950c276f1c05678c976c6c7f3d5e6f62408036648d98c6fdf8500d499602051a045  RetroShare_0.5.0a.2773_jaunty_i386.deb
a3394268cb5a52af39f67fb76acc38c4444d3ba41532f2d25f48f77bd287cd6ae1a9e5c73def8414ba33a987ee5674e4f3ddf983ba2af322aec7ce5e80989c64  v0.5.0a.tar.gz
ef75a0370fedc027a9291a7a907d13844ea9362ac9e64b84a429c8597c7bcd24b2a17931269abe86d5a2f26f977a93b79d2c252aa69983f5c6c3aa36c0c2da79  RetroShare_0.5.0a_setup.exe
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