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06.04.2010, 20:12

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Changes for v0.5.0

* corrected small bug in max search determination
* Fixed translations on StatusBar display.
* added a state message for examining files.
* suppressed bug in settings
* cleaned the code and debugged the icons
* suppressed notify callback in main thread, resulting in deadlock, and explicitely askes for queued message passing for notifyError
* bug fixed for deleting selected messages
* change the timings and add some randomness for tcp connections
* corrected one nasty bug due to missing return
* added security to fd management, corrected bug causing bad fseeks
* suppressed some uninitialized memory reads
* made the key font Courier New to allow fixed-size display (makes the key much more readable)
* suppressed uninitialized memory read in file transfer, also made the TransferDialog more secure
* reset only ComboBox when close all search results
* Fixed to display Dir Count in search
* fixed to display Certificate in CryptoPage userfriendly
* restored the courier new font, to allow the user to quickly vizualize errors in the keys (and to make the display less messy)
* fixed open file, removed file action menu (already handled by the system)
* fixed the update of message icon when there is a new message
* fixed: enabled translation for Hide/Expand Button in Messages
* cleaned some debug text, suppressed a few memory leaks
* suppressed some memory leaks due to bad use of QMenu
* fixed Folder Age with min_age
* Change the status bar network display
* add the ability to copy file details text

Ubuntu Lucid:

Ubuntu Karmic:

Ubuntu Jaunty:


SHA512 hashes:


93ebe72893ced3cfff41af713fe0dbad60ffc90fe1e4a810d41aa0e78dfda6ccf6294a5e03aca0d89ef84524c761d3850b3e1fb6bb4c88a84a5a7202391763e9  RetroShare_0.5.0_setup.exe
ba0b02f55b3488b9e4605123ba63818199572ce0c98b286425e9317aad15cfec4b96e205fd08c96efd6b02ed6c48f04cdf2430e0113add684fad4da7a8c44a5a  RetroShare_0.5.2679_jaunty_amd64.deb
6aca2cef79a809b6838c356a30601546dbfc16a7cf2f4bf76ba096aaa3c3ec892a65a5fcbd12156fca666bf21bf62b8d9919fa2137edcd9440baaca76a071cb7  RetroShare_0.5.2679_jaunty_i386.deb
5da21deec52c4f80d7de34af0f05c700f613b00221407470731a90479cbfbbe180ba1a84f8c5a6bf28a69865f67154e8c493fba80e94737455bc4b145999d750  RetroShare_0.5.2679_karmic_amd64.deb
0130f314e458c3208d507d785d0b21936c7b70a70669681cc3471ee3be57f425087795431723832f0a17f2f4736b620aa10ad6e653e9cb3d6a1c6906c829827d  RetroShare_0.5.2679_karmic_i386.deb
4deb19ec19f79b851ef18be2573a2e7a4fb6c9b91f2f0b2db2d042557bac2e9b4aa4b1a4a9f0442472d529accc1de65d1089e21d4dc7f5f2648916ef1e6f6f8e  RetroShare_0.5.2679_lucid_amd64.deb
fb87b71a4c5c1639c2e49ec1c5a5f83fc2cdda6b0d54ef339bb3d4bad361172a773d30b7180fa071138e40655d6427ca14830eeadb89886fe1d7f11ce92987da  RetroShare_0.5.2679_lucid_i386.deb
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