Mail recipient can´t open attached files

13.01.2007, 22:25
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#1 Hello,
I am using Outlook 2003. When I send e-mails with attached files the reciever is not able to open the files that I have attached. It can be Word(text) files or Picture (JPEG) files. Nothing Executable.
Do somebody know what is wrong with the Internet Explorer Options of mine??

Best Regards
Lars - DK
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13.01.2007, 22:59
Avatar joschi

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#2 Welcome from DK, Lars !

Does any recipient of your mails has this problem ?
What exactly happens when he tries to open the attachment ?

Do you or the recipient have any antivirus-software running that acts as a mail-gateway ?
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13.01.2007, 23:56
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#3 Hi Joschi,

I have Norton Internet Security which check the mails while they are sended. But this should not be a problem.
I dont know what the different recipients have as Virus protection. But I know for instance that it is not possible for my wife (who have a e-mail adress) to open the attached files!
I wonder if my PC has gone crazy??

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14.01.2007, 01:03
Avatar hevtig

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#4 Hello Lars,

I guess, that not your PC has gone crazy. If it works with the hotmail account of your wife, it should work as well with other recipients.
If it does not, there should something be "wrong" with the recipient.
Maybe the recipient is behind a mail gateway, that does not allow those attachments.
Does the recipient receive any attachments, or are they filtered?
Do you communicate with a private person or with a company?
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14.01.2007, 09:49
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#5 Hi HeVTig,
In fact it is not possible for my wife (who have a e-mail adress) to open the attached files!
People can see that I have send them attached files but are not able to open them. The people I am sending e-mails are ususally private people.
But as I understand from your answer it is a problem that probably is located at the recipient.
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