Software for .fw files (firmwork files)

02.08.2008, 16:25
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#1 Good day everybody,

please if anybody know for any program open .fw files.

Concretly i've dowloaded software for photocamera Kodak Easyshare Z730.
Software is ziped, i've unziped it but noe i see that it is about .fw files.
What i have to do ? Have i dowload some nes software for it or exist some procedure how to activate this file.

Alex, Rotterdam
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02.08.2008, 21:17
Avatar joschi

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#2 Don`t know where you got the zip-file from, but provides you an executable (~45 MB, multilingual). Just use the first download link on this page.
Durchsuchen --> Aussuchen --> Untersuchen
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