Firewalls on APPLE Macs?

20.01.2003, 13:42
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#1 Firewalls on APPLE Macs?

i trust i get a better answer here then appl's forums=

1-what is highly recomended to surf the web, run a server and not get hacked or intrussions?

2-what can filter private info from living PERIOD?

3-what can i use to see if my ports are safe and secure? for mac i ask, i hear that some sites like the Gibson and Nortons run a port check but for PCs... does anyone here know a real way to test it?

Thanks so much..

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20.01.2003, 13:51
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#2 I think macs are the most secure desktop systems - nobody ist interested to find exploits ;)

1 - it depends: if you have OS 10 or later there is an unix-firewall
Tool for configuration:

If you use OS before 10 you will need to install some firewall e.g. nis oder you can setup an different machine as a router or use a hardware-router with NAT and a firewall

3- - work also with macs or you make an nmap scan from a windows/linux box outside your network

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