Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall & Hurricanesoft Internet Security 2006

17.03.2006, 12:23
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#1 Hello,
I want to ask what are your opinions about Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall & Hurricanesoft Internet Security 2006.
More informations at
Ladislav Voros
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17.03.2006, 15:00
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#2 Welcome!

Never heard about Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall till now.


The software Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall earned the best rating by PS Media ltd.
I wondered about PS Media since I never heard about them till know:
The company PS Media ltd. became authorised distributor of ,Hurricanesoft Homepage. Offering security software Hurricanesoft Internet Security 2006.

You do not provide any detailed technical informations about your product on the home page.
This doesn't bother me but if you wish to advertize your product that would be the right place to start with.
I don't think this board is the right place for this ;)

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