Tiny Firewall 3 News (release 15. Feb. 02)

05.02.2002, 19:28
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#1 Hi Leute,

folgende News habe ich gerade von Tiny Software gemailt bekommen:


Effective immediately, Tiny Software will transfer the development, sales
and support of WinRoute Pro and WinRoute Lite to Kerio Technologies, Inc.

WinRoute customers should contact Kerio for support and sales of WinRoute:

Kerio Technologies Inc.
2855 Kifer Rd., Suite 103
Santa Clara, CA 95051
T 1-(408) 496-4500
F 1-(408) 496-4506

Technical Assistance: support@kerio.com
Customer Service: sales@kerio.com


Tiny Software will continue to promote and sell the Tiny Personal Firewall
solution and the Tiny Trojan Trap sandbox product. A new version of Trojan
Trap with integrated anti-virus will be available February 10th. Tiny
Personal Firewall 3.0 with remote management for Enterprise will be
available February 15th. Please visit our website for additional

Tiny Software, Inc.
3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 1020
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Voice: 1-408-919-7360
Fax: 1-408-919-7365

- Tiny Software überträgt WinRoute an Kerio Technologies
- Tiny Software entwickelt die Tiny Personal Firewall weiter
- Kerio Technologies verbreitet ebenfalls vom Grundriss 1:1 die Tiny Personal Firewall jedoch in Version 2.1 Beta 2 ;) - ???
- Tiny Personal Firewall 3 erscheint am 15. Februar!
- Tiny Trojan Trap mit integriertem Anti Virus (ich bin gespannt) erscheint am 10. Februar!

Gruß Lukas :yo
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