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22.03.2010, 13:23

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#1 Changelog:


Changes for v0.5.0 alpha 2

* fixed a bug in download queue when ticking inactive files. Added a checkbox for showing cache transfers. Cleaned the dialog cleaning method.
* suppresed bad lookup in _queue causing SIGV
* utf8 fix
* fixed RS link clipboard so that links can be imported/exported from both RS and the application clipboard.
* cleaned the config->Transfers tab, made the default chunk strategy combobox effective.
* fixed copy/paste of RS links in public and private chat
* cleaned the code for anchorClick() in private chat
* added return false for FileRequest of already have files
* suppressed sources when the file is complete, in TransfersDialog.
* added info and consistency for gpg sign and trust signification
* added proper close for file transfers. This drops down the number of FDs from 250 to ... 50 svn status
* added missing locks, that caused random crashes
* improve the recieving of bad gpg keys
* fixed RS link copy/paste from shared/search to transfers/forums/Pmessages
* increase udp ttl
* fixed queue menu to work on multiple languages
* change ssl binary encryption to aes debug code
* change ssl binary encryption to aes
* lower connection attempt timings
* moved removal of sources off turtle mutex to avoid cross-lock. Added a closeFile() call when moving files out of the queue
* fixed to get work again Chinese language , and load now Qt translations for widgets
* bug correction: avoid reading deleted pointers by moving saveDone() after the next line
* added paste multiple links
* added Timestamps for forum message feeds to know the date for each Forum Message.
* cleaned the RS link code, factorized the parsing into a single class.
* fix a bug in the double file configuration loading
* Fixed config forward compatibility problem
  - note to self: C++ binary file not same as C binary file
* fixed sharemanager closing
* fixed to enable translation suppor for Trustview strings
* added for Queue actions own icons
* clean up languages and corrected few languages
* added proper dynamic suppression of sources from chunkmap, and updated the gui
* suppressed bug in dynamic removal of sources. suppressed bug in string search. Suppressed some warnings.
* added to show bytes and formates size FileTranferInfoWidget
* suppressed debug msg
* Added proper dl queue behavior
    - suppressed old DwlQueue class
    - turned mDownloads into a list of pointers to allow easy cross-info update between queue and std::map of downloads
    - added queue functionality for moving files top/bottom/up/down
    - added the necessary functions in rsFiles
* reengineered the network dialog insert connect method
* small design change of confcertdialog
* restrain ip list exchange in an attempt for bug solving
* small update of connct mgr and ssl connection
* added Popularity view as icons to display for each channel
* fixed to display pasted plaintext retroshare link in public chat in html format to get click able.
* added Copy link as html format
* fixed to get click able the retroshare links in privat chat
* fixed only show a new message icon on tray when its a inbox message
* small change in ext address detection
* Added new 2-pass save method to configuration management
  - essentially if any part of the file saving procedure fails, there should be config files whose signatures/hash match up
* set a item foreground color for Inbox when get a new message, set gridsize for listwidget to 18
* disable the extract failed certificate
* make the gpg key list reading a little more error proof
* change the pointer offset cast
* added Download Time column to Downloads
* added to DetailsDialog Download Time label
* added formating the filesize's for FileTransferInfoWidget
* suppressed bug in file transfer while removing inactive chunks.
* added initialisation of gpgmeKeySelected.
* suppressed deadlock (mutex explicitely locked before thread exit)
* Fixed to get again gui resize able , search not allowed more to set gui to a minimum size.
* color adjustement for the network dialog
* cleaned some memory leak in search, added 2 checkboxes for F2F and friend lists, made the "include own files" work properly
* put the max result test at a more appropriate place in the code
* fixed display of uploads tunnels
* fixed trayicon tooltip
* added change trayicon when get a new message, added change trust icons when trust is changed
* added a spacer when counting Messages
* added to installer to install gpg4win
* change the color of peer display
* change the button at the end the the connect friend wizard dialog
* small fix on gencert dialog
* small fix xhen loading detail from a string cert
* change the gpg key list display
* add own ip addresses list to profile widget
* cleaned the code in fimonitor, modified the order of file hashing, and put a more explicit progress message while hashing.
* connect PrintButton when not use the menu
* disable the ssl cert config persistance
* changed add friend icon
* small bug correction in display of unknown hashes
* added a spinbox to limit the number of search results (too many results may hang the gui)
* add the tunnel config to server tab, and activate the tunnel on fresh configs
* reimplemented the tunnel handshake
* update implemention for new ssl encryption
* remove some exit(1)
* implementation of an SSL binary encryption
* enabled Run Email Program for all platforms
* moved the Buttons Make Friends,Deny Friend, Sig GPG Key to the Bottom of Trust Tab
* improved the icons and Buttons in Trust Tab
* use for color sources friends sources + anonymous sources
* added missing NetworkWide flag to download from recommendation
* added missing NetworkWide flag to download from recommendation
* corrected bug in MessageDialog: friendly size was could not be properly converted into a real file size. We should not use it.
* Properly close ssl connection when receiving error SYS_CALL. Bug solved
* Fixed Load and Save own status Message in MessengerWindow works now.
* suppressed unninitialisez memory reads
* added context menu action for Paste retroshare Link for Create Forum Message
* added smotth interpolation flag to image scaling
* added Paste retroshare link's from a Button in Create Forum Message, and fixed to not allow send blank Forum Messages
* improved display of turtle router info
* changed the default Blog Header stylesheet, and use now white Text Color
* include own files check option on search
* fixed Resume/Pause context menu actions to work properly in all Translations
* redesign Create Blog Msg Publisher with html Formating features and fixed textSize formating for Message Composer
* added to can use *.gif pictures now too for Avatars.
* added new French translation
* search result filtering
* fixed display issue in transfers (bad colors in crosses)
* improved display of tunnel info
* made gpg ids more consistent with the way gpg lists them
* added more detailed info about gpg ids in login and gen certificates dialogs
* fixed to get work properly Play and OpenFile when File Transfer is complete, Play action is only visible when its a media file.
* added additional info into FileTransferInfoWidget
* added actions for disable/enable Emoticons in Privat Chat and for Clear Chat History
* made complete files stay in the download list
* fixed bug in clink on link in group chat
* added action to GroupChats Button Menu for disable/enable Emoticon's
* filter after search, not before search
* fixed group chat download
* fixed the recommend system
* corrected compled completion and file progress issues
* security fix to xprogressbar display
* reengineered the transfer list display
* reduced cost of progress bar display
* fixed a bug on MessengerWindow context menu
* messenger-window thumbnail photo update on change
* set TextAlignment for sources to AlignRight
* added to show files sources count in form of friend source/ total source
* fixed stylesheets for Search LineEdit's frame
* put a safety check against sockfd==-1
* limited the search to > 3 chars
* fixed remove a bug in peersdialog
* added clear Filter Button for Messages Filter
* change the profile widget to replave spinbox by lineedit
* add some validators for gpg key gen
* fixed setFocus for search LineEdit when clearing it.
* improved turtle router display
* added put the tunnel info as a new tab in the transfer page.
* added hide reset button when search field is empty
* fixed to get work again to hide/show the Messages Filelist
* added a ending 0 to form a proper string in gpg cert export
* fixed the left side friends list for Message Composer to get resizeable
* fixed display issues: always -> all and void string -> unknown for turtle hashes
* fixed Messages items to not editable
* corrected bug in file completion
* added Messages Filter for Attachments,Subject,From,Date,
* rewrite MessagesDialog to use QTreeView with QStandardItemModel
* added change search results text color when it has more sources
* fixed stylesheets and enable OpenExternalLinks on InfoDialog
* change peericon when indicator changed
* added Save Cert Button to ConnectFriend Wizard
* added more info for Network Wide/Browsable to the Description Label in Share Manager
* added icon for gpg key checkbox
* improved design of profile generation


Ubuntu Karmic:

Ubuntu Jaunty:

v0.5.0.tar.gz (2583)

SHA512 hashes:


14b25791a654bd5d87dc4446de1ce5cb89b5164660c25d446c60a8893e90c7594b2bedff93725c53acc3305d43983a7a8cf11f6221b0342ec8f14f0654bd8822  RetroShare_0.5.0_alpha_2_2583_modern_setup.exe
36593bddf6734dfd6166fdcb152b8959f1ff61d2909862de8393f0c26dc83dfe479829c6a9d573c4586cb318467f60a1b0c6b30d4361c59e561499343661ce5b  RetroShare_0.5.0_alpha_2_2583_setup.exe
65613cfc6b0016240e29e79fce78c3f1b1a4f8ac6269dcffc73e1a5612517baa6a3565cb7843b0d5478ecf93e5313045108b01366fdbaf2e7a6e45297da391b8  RetroShare_0.5.2583_jaunty_amd64.deb
423eb60216e5d629bdcd0a9dcfa9e01d3ff375f5bd6e2effb3b79852123bcedafc4e3d0f2b8ad0077263dd72774cdbe728c3b7b77cd240d2ce2826883170f6e5  RetroShare_0.5.2583_jaunty_i386.deb
ccee1afd7794433200861f6dbe5dd231d58dc243be7d3cecd1ad7bf5b5541fc098c76b8ec51e34de73e97e84cbabeb8da6e3caffda28d885704b91aebe996e59  RetroShare_0.5.2583_karmic_amd64.deb
ebeec1e9f3b3d91b053a59690306c78793c88c65e0fa40170866ebee0e4928606f16abbfc0986fee48b7179451a83d3fb700ac225b25c3cfd551f15b8cafcb01  RetroShare_0.5.2583_karmic_i386.deb
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