MavMule -> Emulemod mit proxy-support = anonym! :)

09.01.2003, 18:40
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#1 Na endlich ;)
Filesharing Tools wappnen sich und fördern das sichere anonyme tauschen im Internet!

Der Emulemod Maymule 2 hat jetzt auch Proxy Support; d.h. man kann über einen beliebigen Proxy anonym Files tauschen.


MavMule 2

Now with PROXY support
Mavmule is the first mod which supports connecting throug a PROXY server

Mavmule is based on "eMule 24b Plus 3". It has implemented all its features.


PROXY support
With Mavmule you can now connect to the network by using a PROXY server. Currently it supports SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, SOCKS 5 and HTTP11. Note that when you are connecting to the network by using a PROXY you WILL receive a LowID. It's currently not possible to receive a HighID. This makes it a bit complicated to connect to a server so please be patience.

Mavmule also supports the PROXY connection currently only for the eDonkey protocol and NOT for UDP, IRC, Server-Met download and the Webserver. All these features exept the Webserver are planned for future releases.

UL\DL List Extended
Your own UL/DL Ratio and Rating that you (should) have at the other client is now displayed in the download list.
It may differs from the real value due to crashes, deleting of the client-met and some other reasons.

Old Features

Recognizes MLDonkey
MLDonkey is an eDonkey client for Linux.
eMule identifies MLDonkey as an eDonkey Client.

Recognizes MLDonkey
MLDonkey is an eDonkey client for Linux.
eMule identifies MLDonkey as an eDonkey Client.

Added MLDonkey to the statistic

MLDonkey Emulation
MLDonkey is very unfair against eMule users. It allows only one third of the uploadqueue to be
occupied by eMule clients. Additionally it favourises MLDonkey by giving them always a slot. :angry:

In drder not to have this disadvantage MavMule emulates a MLDonkey client when he connects
to an MLDonkey client. :lol:

Extended Download Information
MavMule displays some additional information about your state on the other computers:
- UL/DL Modifier
- Total Ratio
- Community
- Score
In order to make this information more accurate it sends this data to the other together
with the ranking packet. When it dosn't receive this data it calculates them from the own

@DEV's It's highly recommended to merge this feature into all mods in order to spread this informations among all clients

Some Bugfixies

It also has all the features of eMule 24b Plus 2


MavMule can be found at: Home of MavMule

Binary Files - Source Files


mirror1 - mirror2
mirror1 - mirror2

Thanks to the eMule and eMule Plus developers for their great work.

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