WARNUNG vor downloadalot.com

21.10.2002, 22:47
zu Gast
#1 Hi

Adaware.exe from downloadalot

Lavasoft does not ask for information when the software is installed on the system. If your copy of Ad-aware is asking that information such as name and e-mail address be entered into the software prior to installation, then you have downloaded a software that is not actually Ad-aware.

Adaware.exe from downloadalot is a scam and a fake.
The description given at the site is a description of Ad-aware.
PLEASE NOTE ...The software at downloadalot is NOT Ad-aware.

The properties say its a TalkingBuddy. Its not a TalkingBuddy, its a 187kb browser and hosts file hijacker >
It hijacks to searchalot.

Ad-aware does already target searchalot installs.

I am not sure if this is the install we are looking for in the other warning post, but this trashed my system in the following manner.
1# Immediately following the installation, I began receiving system errors when clicking to open files,
the error was that there were no programs associated with what I was clicking on to open, it effected 'My Computer', .gif's, .exe. etc,
2# When I started receiving the error messages I attempted to reboot my system and could only boot into safe mode. I was UNABLE to boot into Windows, I could only access safe mode.
3# I finally got my registry cleaned out and still couldn't boot out of safe mode.
4# I had to merge a backup copy of my registry before I could get out of safe mode.


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