Kerio WinRoute Firewall Account Information Leak

19.11.2003, 20:01
Avatar Robert

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<> WinRoute is "most popular SOHO software
firewall/router/Proxy solution for Windows platform". During
troubleshooting of WinRoute a security related problem was discovered
allowing remote websites to obtain clear text credentials
(username:password) of WinRoute user.


Vulnerable systems:
* Kerio WinRoute Firewall version 5.10

WinRoute has extremely weak functionality as a proxy server. It doesn't
rebuild request sent by browser. Instead, it only changes Proxy- related

header by substituting fist character to X (So, for example,
Proxy-Connection header becomes Xroxy-Connection: in outgoing request).
leads to few troubles. First, it leaks HTTP established connections.
file (for example .gif, html, and jpg) from web server requires separate

connection resulting in performance degradation. But, of cause, security

related problem is in handling Proxy-Authorization: header sent by
browser. Browser sends this header with every request in a case proxy
server requires authentication. This header contains base64-encoded
username and password of proxy user in clear text (NTLM and Kerberos
probably is not supported by WinRoute). If WinRoute uses windows
authentication this credentials contain domain account information.

As a result, any web server visited by WinRoute user can track his proxy

username and password by Xroxy-Authorization: header (X because first
character is changed).

For example:
Xroxy-Authorization: Basic dGVzdDp0ZXN0aW5n (test:testing).

Disable proxy authentication.


The information has been provided by Alexander Antipov and 3APA3A.
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