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#1 Gazzera is a peer-to-peer file sharing application where you only connect to people you trust. It is targeted at groups of real life friends that wants to share files securely.

Differently from public networks like edonkey and gnutella, strangers cannot spy you!

It runs on different platforms (Windows and Linux) and architectures. It has a nice GTK interface and uses SSL to encrypt your data.

* Encrypted
Secure, encrypted protocol based on SSL.
* Fiend to Friend
Let only your friend share your files.
* Trust based system
Assign a trust level to your friend, and let their friend connect too.
* Multi source download
Download the same file from more than one friend.
* Partial downloads
Download a file that a friend have only partially downloaded.
* Lightweight
Resources are not wasted. This program uses very little CPU and RAM. Try and compare it with other programs!
* Cross-platform
It works on Linux and Windows (Mac support should require only minor work, help wanted)
* Modularity
The core and the gui are well separated. An unstable version with an http gui is avaiable
* ED2K and Magnet URI support
It is planned to support popular URI schemes
* Open Source
The source is GPL and included in every package ;)
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Gazzera 0.3.2 - 26/08/2009
- Show UPNP and Firewall status (bug #15)
- Avoid sharing gazzera system file (bug #14)
- Enhanced Packaging
- Added changelog

Gazzera 0.3.1 - 25/08/2009
- Fixed some Windows installation issues
- Embedded GTK

Gazzera 0.3 - 24/08/2009
- Added support for UPNP (automatic firewall opening and public ip discovery)
- Modified the GID to include the address
- Settings can now be changed from within the program (restart required)
- Added "Download to Folder" option
- Many small bugs fixing and some tuning
- Added debian package

Gazzera 0.2 - 29/05/2009
- Refactoring of the whole project

Bug Reports:
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Gazzera 0.3.5 - 17/10/2009
- File search now check for share visibility (bug #36)
- Various bugfixing

Gazzera 0.3.4 - 12/10/2009
- Shared folders can now be choosen at runtime without rebooting (bug #5)
- Friends can now be assigned to Groups
- Browsability of shared folders can now be limited to certain groups (bug #6)
- Various bugfixing

Gazzera 0.3.3 - 09/09/2009
- Added "Open Folder" button that open the completed download folder
- Added "Copy GID to clipboard" option on peer context menu (bug #23)
- System files are now store in user AppData folder, this can be overridden with -userdir XXX option
- System files have been renamed (identity, config, database)
- "Refresh" menu item in browse panel now work (bug #25)
- Added "Start minimized" option (bug #21)
- Now try and reconnect automatically to any peer every some minutes (bug #1cool
- Now correctly uses dynhost information to reconnect (bug #22)
- Open Chat command now works (bug #19)
- SHA1 hash is now calculated for each files beside SHA256 and ed2k (for future magnet and ed2k support)
- Various bugfixing


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