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#1 AllianceP2P takes the best from BitTorrent and Direct Connect and creates a completely decentralized and secure private P2P/friend-to-friend network for instant messaging and file sharing. It supports file swarming (multi-source download) and is Unicode capable.


This version brings some bug fixes and some new features. Please read the release notes at the bottom if your planning to upgrade from Beta 8.


1.0.7 BETA 8 (thanks Bastvera) - 2009-06-10

+ Added: Search friend.
+ Fixed bug: DNS names sometimes reset to IP.
+ Windows Vista Solution (No more Permission issues! Except for the alliance.tmp which is used for auto updating Alliance).
+ Added: Sound options tab.

:: Release notes ::
For a fresh installation (no data folder):
By default Alliance now uses the application folder to solve the vista and windows 7 permission issues. If you want to change the location there is option to do it in view>options>advanced "advanced datafiles storage place (windows only)". If you chose to "use alliance folder" It will copy all data form UserProfile -> Application/Alliance and put it into the Alliance folder. It will also create a dummy file (standaloneVersion) to inform alliance that this is to be run as a standalone installation. If you do not see a "standaloneVersion" in your exe folder then place copy and paste it in from the zip file.

Garbage like logs/cache and old data folder are left for security/backup reason because if something really bad happen we don't want to lose data. You will have to manually delete them yourself.

For upgrade:
If you want to upgrade to this version and still want to have/keep data in alliance folder (ie. your file hashes, friends, groups, etc) copy standaloneVersion file from zip or just create new one where you have alliance.exe/jar. Copy your old data folder and put it in with the alliance.exe/jar. Then run the alliance.exe. If all works right, Alliance should load right up.

Download link EXE and Jar files -
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* 1.1.0c - 2010-02-08
o Changed: Share counters are now updated in real time.
o Changed: More polite share browsing with big amounts of share bases.
o Fixed bug: Added limit on how many files/directories we can browse in single directory to prevent BufferOverload.

- Fixed: Transfer does not end/Part of file corrupted from recent modifying file.
- NullPointException for inaccessible share paths.

* Fixed bug: DB bug -> The download doesn't end and shows corrupted file message.
* Changed: Tray icon size behaviour.
* Fixed bug: Support for Non-English characters doesn't work with Alliance theme.
* Removed: Alliance on windows will no longer automatically restart itself. (thanks Kratos)

* v1.1.0
o Bug fix: Auto detection of external IP in LAN mode. (thanks Kratos)
o Added: Portable mode to linux. (thanks Kratos)
o Changed: "Always automatically connect to new friends of friends" to "Always automatically connect to all friends of friends". (thanks Kratos)
o Added: Ability for plugins to insert a callback to the debug console. This allows plugins to add their own commands to the console. (thanks Kratos)
o Fixed bug: Removing files when scanning is in progress no longer break communication.
o Changed: View duplicates works again.
o Changed: Display of filesizes in ShareView moved to tooltip.
o Changed: DB memory usage reduced for big shares (100k files).
o Changed: Improved scanning of removed files.
o Changed: Improved database speed.
o Fixed bug: BufferOverload when using "send as link to chat" on folder with more than 512 files.
o Fixed bug: Several other minor bugs.
* v1.0.9
o Added: Display of filesizes in ShareView.
o Changed: Database changed to H2.
o Fixed bug: BufferOverload when you add folder with more than 512 files at once to download que.
o Changed: Some UI elements.
o Added: Native OS theme.
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