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17.03.2006, 23:17
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#1 Remote overflow in MSIE script action handlers (mshtml.dll)


This vulnerability can be triggered by specifying more than a couple thousand script action handlers (such as onLoad, onMouseMove, etc) for any single HTML tag. Due to a programming error, MSIE will then attempt to write memory array out of bounds, at an offset corresponding to the ID of the script action handler multiplied by 4 (due to 32-bit address clipping, the result is a small positive integer).

Tested on MSIE 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp2.040806-1825 on Windows XP SP2.
Die Scherheitslücke ist als sehr kritisch einzustufen.
Für Mutigere eine kleine unbedenkliche Kostprobe


When the offending page contains no additional elements, and the user is not redirected from elsewhere, the browser will typically crash immediately, because there is no allocated memory at the resulting offset.
In all other cases, crashes will typically occur later, due to attempted use of unrelated but corrupted in-memory buffers -for example, when the user attempts to leave or reload the page. Another good example is coming from a page that contains Macromedia Flash - this usually causes the Flash plugin itself to choke on corrupted memory on cleanup.
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