Trillian schützt gespeicherte Passwörter unzureichend

09.09.2002, 20:31
Avatar Robert

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#1 Software:
Trillian 0.73, possibly other versions.

Weak "encryption" of saved passwords.

Decryption of saved passwords.

Vendor notified:
3 Sept., 2002. No response.

Medium. ish. The program only works locally, and only if the subject
has saved their password, and really if someone can get into your AIM
account, how earth-shattering is that??? However, since a lot of people use
the same password for everything...


Trillian is, according to, "...everything you need for instant
messaging. Connect to ICQ®, AOL Instant Messenger(SM), MSN Messenger, Yahoo!
Messenger and IRC in a single, sleek and slim interface."

Upon examination of the Trillian directory (which defaults to C:\Program
Files\Trillian\ ), it appears that passwords are stored in ini files that are
located in {Path to Trillian}\users\{WindowsLogon}. The passwords are
encrypted using a simple XOR with a key apparently uniform throughout every

The attached program takes, as command line argument(s), path(s) to these INI
files. It will then display a list of usernames, "encrypted" passwords, and
plaintext passwords.
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